Cassie Wang – Fell St

Rita was my most valuable resource during my search for my next home.  I initially thought buying property would be fairly simple. Let me dispel that fantasy now – HOUSE BUYING IS NOT EASY. 

“Most people do not spend their time getting familiar with the house buying process, so a knowledgeable agent can make your life significantly easier.  Rita was indispensable in walking me through every step of the process.  She put in extra time to figure out exactly what I wanted by getting to know me and my personal needs.

738 Fell Street

738 Fell Street

 “Not only was she crucial in narrowing down my preferences and search criteria, I would not have gotten across the finish line without her.  She helped navigate the entire deal, including the negotiations process, the mortgage process, the massive amounts of paperwork, and even advised on renovations. 

“Rita is warm, thoughtful, and patient.  She made me feel comfortable with every decision I made (and there were many, many decisions) and provided many needed sanities checks during all the moments where I thought about throwing in the towel (or just plain throwing up). “